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• Late to middle Woodland

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Late to Middle Woodland ceramics

The pottery from this period is not generally ornate. Some is cord marked where you can see the impressions of twisted cords that either supported the pots sides during manufacture or was used for surface patterning alone.
Photo of pottery shards.

Photo of pottery shard showing cross hatching.

Some were incised or cross hatched. Above they used a series of lines to embelish the pots surface. This example demonstates this simple style. This piece has some random lines reminiscent of cross hatch, but is more a mixture of incising and cross hatch.

During the late and middle woodland period here pots were grit tempered using some shell and sand.* The grit is the remnants of previous pots recycled into use for hardening. Fingernail lines on the inside of the pot demonstrate that hands were the main tool used in their manufacture. An
occasional fingerprint on the smooth inside surface reveals the makers touch.

*This conclusion is based upon the remains from the sites along Fishing River I have been priveledged to study. Other sites may reveal differing aspects.

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