Mississippian Period

• Telephone to the Great Spirit
• Mississippian triangulars
• Cahokia

The Woodland Period
• Late to middle Woodland
• Late to middle Woodland

Archaic Period
• Nebo Hill - Our areas
indiginous culture

The Mercer Site
A multli-occupational site
and map.

Fishing River's
disappearing past

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Photo of side notched arrowhead.

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The Triangular Arrowhead

Photo of three simple flaked chert arrow points.

These simple flaked chert arrow points were found on the Fishing River in Ray County Missouri. Known as Mississipian Triangulars, these were in common use among the natives here until about 1,600 A.D.

Although the bow and arrow were in use in North America from around A.D 1 these were not the most common hunting implements. Until the influence of the white European settlers reached here, the natives primary hunting tool was the spear and atlatl. The atlatl worked as a leverage device. The shaft of the spear was laid acros a hooked rod which facilitated launching the spear with an extra extension. The bows which were used for their arrows were small and short ranged.Their arrows were probably used for smaller, swifter game and were not powerful or efficient enough to stop a large animal such as a deer.